Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Saying goodbye

Gianmarco and Diego before giving me the flowers
me with tears in my eyes because of the nice gesture
Charly and I

Ana Claudia and I
Fiorella and I
Diana and I
My tutor Miss Claudia and I
me wearing the signed school shirt they gave me :)
my class
the girls from my class :) ( one day we went to school with normal clothes)

In the morning I went to school with normal clothes because my uniform was already packed in my suitcase. I stayed until 11 o'clock and then said goodbye to everyone including my best friend Carlitos Vara. I cried a lot, I can't even imagine my life without all of my class mates and teachers in Peru. Then I went to the post office to ask how much it cost to send a package to Austria, because I could only bring back a suitcase that weighs 20 kilos and a carry one that weighs 8 kilos. Then I went home, where Carlos was already waiting for me. We spent some time together and then he and Tefy went with me to the post office to send a package. I said goodbye to Carlos, meet two really good friends of mine and said bye to them too and then went home, showered and squeezed the rest of my things into my suitcase. Then we put the big suitcase on the roof of the Volkswagen and the little one in the back and my mom, my sister Kathy, my aunt Bello, who had come from Catacaos, Tefy and I squeezed into the car. Our neighbor, Laurita drove, but the car kept turing itself off in the middle of the roadm which kind of made me nervous. When we were about to drove up onto a bridge the car stopped and started rolling backwards. We all had to get out, asked a couple of men to help us and starting pushing the car up onto the flat part of the road, which was hilarious because all the people stopped to watch us. Then, because it was late already Laurita drove like a wild person, shouting at everyone who got into her way. The rest of us in the car just laughed until we got to the bus station. Laurita, after parking the car said " Get me out of here!!!! ". :) Almost all of my clas mates and my best friends from last years graduastion class had come to say goodbye to me and my whole family was there too. I started crying and hugging all of them. I was still hugging people when someone told to to hurry up because the whole bus was waiting for only me. So I took one look back and got on the bus. Naja, the girl from Greenland and I had first class seats. We were both crying like crazy people and when then when the bus pulled out onto the street all of my friends ran up to the window or just stood there and waved until I couldn´t see them anymore. I cried for a really long time, and then listening to spanish songs which reminded me of my friends and family and made me cry even more. =( Neither Naja nor I were hungry, so we skipped dinner and then cried ourselves to sleep.

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