Freitag, 9. Januar 2009


Here in Peru, summer has officially begun. This means that at around 12 o'clock lunch time it gets EXTREMLY hot. In the shade about 30°C and in the sun about 35°C. We always have some house work or a project to do before lunch, like cleaning the windows, or something else. So when it's time for lunch we're all really tired and sweating as if we'd just run a marathon. Today our "tasks of the day" were cleaning our room and a cubboard for my clothes, which we still have to set up and cleaning the dog, baby oso. (Oso means bear in Spanish) He is really old and doesn't have a lot of fur left, and he bites when you touch him (except when you're washing him) so I prefer not to be around him too much, although he does always watch movies with us and begs for food when we're eating. =)

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009


Sundays in Peru is a family day. This Sunday we went to eat Ceviche (raw fish) which is a speciality of Peru. We're 8 people and we all squeezed into one car, which is really fun, especially when it's hot (around 35°C) outside. Then we went to the semetary and I got to know my grandma. Then Tefy showed me around and I saw the "graves" the poorer people make for their loved ones. They just bury them in the ground without putting them in a box.