Sonntag, 2. November 2008

Changing family

On Thursay, the 30th I packed my bags and was moved to another family, because my mom is going to Lima for 15 days, because she has a tumor in her neck and has to get an operation in January. Charo and Edu are going to stay with their grandparents. Two AFS volunteers brought me to the family, which lives really far from my house and school. I have a mom and dad, who are both doctors, but my mom works at home, a 28-year-old sister called Ana-Sofia, whom I share a room with and a 17-year-old brother called Miguel. They are all really nice!!
On Friday in the evening we went to a Halloween party with some of the AFS people. My sister didn't get a ticket, because they were sold out, so I went with my friends. I dressed up as a crazy girl,....but I don't really have to dress up for that, I'm crazy as it is =) I wore a short blue dress, black shorts, black tights and Converse, it looked awesome and crazy =)
Yesterday my family took me out to eat to a place where they play Peruvian music and dance typical dances, it was really nice and the food was delicious!! Then in the evening I went with Miguel to the movies. Both his and my friends didn't come, so we went to visit his cousins and then they went with us to see "High School Musical 3" and then we hung out and talked and stuff.

I have some pictures, I'll try to transfer them to the PC tomorrow!!