Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Caritas Pintadas =)

In school I have A LOT to do these days, so I'm always happy when we are in art class, because it's relaxing. I have a class called "Caritas Pintadas" which means " painted faces". There's one guy in my class called Jose Luis Chen. Everyone calls him by his last name, Chen. He's a true artist, so in art class I asked him to paint something pretty on my face. Here are the pictures. =)

It was on of my friends birthday so we went to visit her. I sat with Winnie! =) Tefy and I went to see the world premier of Transformers 2, which was awesome!!!

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009

Catacaos & Narihuala

The fireworks on the plaza
my cousin Ana Maria, Tefy and I
Sergio, Ana Maria, Tefy and I

Tefy and I in the sementary of Narihuala
Tefy and I and the old enchanted church of Narihuala
old ceramics of the inkas
Our tour guide Abel, Tefy and I

On Friday Tefy, Ricardo, Carlos and I stayed in and just talked and listened to music.

On Saturday Tefy and I got up early, got our stuff ready and went to Catacaos, which is were my peruvian grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins live. It was a 25 mintute ride in combi and when we got there my Mami Nene (mi grandma) , aunt Bello and Chana were already expecting us. Then my cousin Ana Maria, who's Tefy's age, her boyfriend Sergio and I went to Narihuala, which is a touristic place, which has a lot of peruvian history. Our tour guide was 6 year old Abel, who knew the whole history of Narihuala, which really suprised us, considering he was still a little boy. Then we went to eat cebiche, and drank chicha and then went back to the house, ate lunch and then went to buy stuff. Catacaos is a really touristic place, because the jewellery is extremly cheap!! I bought some presents and saw some some English speaking people walking around. Tefy told me to talk to them, so I did and asked two girls where they were from. The girl, Olivia, told me that she was 17, from Chicago and on a school trip. She asked Tefy "Do you speak English?" and Tefy answered " Yes, but just a little. " I was proud of her =) The Olivia presented me to her teacher and then said goodbye and went back home. Tefy and I were really tired of walking around in the blazing sun all day, so we took a nap, then ate shrimp with mayonnaise and drank milk, then watched on TV the female world champion of boxing Kina Malpartida, who's peruvian, defend her title, and win, and then went to the plaza where there was a small town party going on. We watched really pretty fireworks, and just walked around the plaza all night. We went back to the house quite late, slept in on Sunday, which was, in Peru, fathersday. Tefy and I both had a really bad stomach ache, Tefy even threw, so when we went oyt to eat with the whole family plus my ma, pa, brothers and my aunt who had also come to Catacaos, we both ate soup, but we didn't feel better afterwards. We went back to the house, layed down for a while and then went back home to Piura, 8 people in one little Volkswagen. As usual, Pa, Giampi and Javier sat in the front seats, Tefy on my lap, Karina on my aunts lap, and my ma in the back. Luckily Kathy didn't come because she had to study beacuse we were already squished in the car. Tefy threw up again, so they brought her to the emergency room. I also felt bad, but I started washing my clothes, by hand as usual, to keep my mind off of my pain. When my ma and pa came back they told me that Tefy had to stay in the hospital, because she was really sick. I went back to visit her with them. She was sleeping. Her arm was hooked up to some kind of liquid, and she looked even skinnyier than usual, which made me really worry about her. We bought some medicine for myself and then went back to the house.
Carlos came to see me later in the evening, the 21st was our 4-months anniversary. =) When he left at 11 pm Tefy came home and went straight to bed. She looked better than before, but still really sick. =(
On I went to school and Tefy to the doctors with her mom and when she came home she told me that she had Gastritis. She is incredibly skinny and one time about a month ago a nutritionist came to our house and evaluated us. He told Tefy that she, to be in a normal weight range, for her age and height, she had to gain at least 10 kilos and he also told me that I have to lose some weight,...=) My whole family, my friends and everyone we know is worried about Tefy and we are all trying as a team to get her to gain weight.