Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009


We really do look like brother and sister, white skin and green eyes, just like on the poster :)
Ricardo and I eating french fries and ice cream in the food cort

On Sunday Tefy, Ricardo and I wen to the movies and watched "La Era de Hielo 3" (Ice Age 3). On Monday I just stayed at home doing my homework and on Tuesday I went to the university with Tefy and got to know all of her friends.

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Friends will always be there for you!

Last weekend, on Friday Tefy and I stayed in but on Saturday Winnie, Maria, Carlos and I went to a birthday party. Tefy wasn't allowed to go because she was still grounded. That night my boyfriend broke up with me and he didn't even tell me a good reason. I guess that's just the way some men are here, machos. :( But a week later he told me that he only bryoke up with me because he didn´t want to suffer from the fact that I would soon be leaving him. =(

On Sunday I went out to eat with all the AFS people and did an end of exchange evaluation of how our experience here in Peru has been.

In school I have a ton of homework and papers to write. On Wednesday I had a power point presentation about Austria to once and for all let my class mates know where in the world Austria is situated, that the people there speak German and not English and for them to "get to know" my mom, dad and brother in Austria.

On Friday in the afternoon Tefy and I went to the center and walked around. We went to the " Chalán" to drink ice drinks and eat cake, a ritual we have. In the evening we stayed up late watching movies on the computer. On Saturday all of my class mates were supposed to meet in a friend's house, Claudia, to go out to eat as a kind of going-away party for me. I went to Claudia's house and we waited for 2 hours, but noone showed up, so the two of us went out to eat. I was kind of disappointed because everybody had told Claudia that they would come, but then they didn't.

In the evening Winnie, Ricardo and other friends from my graduation class and we went to a friends house with all of my friends from my graduacion class. Later on Tefy and then Maria came too. It was really fun to go out with just my friends again.