Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

Boy news =(

So what did I do yesterday? - Break up with my boyfriend =( Just didn't work out anymore... We were a couple for a little more than 2 months...

Montag, 9. Februar 2009


February is one of the hottest months here in Piura. The main cities here in Peru have a nickname and Piura is "city of the eternal heat". Around lunch time the temparature sometimes goes over 40°C. We don't even bother to leave the house until after 3 pm, cause the sun is so hot, and even if you put on sun block you get a sunburn. Well, not everyone - I do, anyway...
There's always something to do around the house like cleaning the windows or sweaping the floor, and I often help my aunt cook lunch, so I'm learning to cook,...more or less =)
The rest of the time I spend with Tefy, my sister/ brothers and my friends.

One day we suddenly didn't have any water anymore in the whole house, so we went to ask the neighbour, who has a water tank, to "lend" us some water, so we could at least cook lunch. Then we showered pouring water from a bucket over ourselfs with a cup, which was a nice experience. =)
But then, the next day the water came back and everybody was relieved.