Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

COLAN - Año Nuevo

The 31st in the morning we were kicked out of the garden of the house we were staying at, for reasons we don't understand. So AniLu and I brought our stuff to Rafo's house, one of Jose's friends, where Jose and his brother Cesar were staying. Then we went to eat lunch and in the late afternoon went to beach to get a tan and swim in the ocean again. After spending some time in the Camacho we went back to the house to get ready for the party. We put on our dresses and make-up and went to the party. There are so many people in Colan for this party for New Years, so to get in the party you have to stand in line for quite some time in order to get in. And in order not to being standing in line at midnight you have to get there at least half an hour earlier. At midnight we saw really pretty fireworks and then the party started. We danced and had fun, although it was extremly cold. The party was divided in 3 parts: Preferencial ( this is where most of my friends and I were ) , VIP, and Platinium. We stayed until like 5 o'clock in the morning and then went to the Camacho to wait for Jose's parents to get us by car. There were so many people in Rafo's house, so AniLu and I shared a bed and a blanket. We got up late the next day and went to eat lunch, and then I got a temporary tatoo. =)
There was another party the 1st and after the party we slept in Rafo's house again, but then on the second we went and rented a bungalow for the two of us. We got ready and went to the party, but this time we made it work, so we could get into VIP, which was really cool. The third of January Tefy, Ricardo and I went home by bus.

Mi cumpleaños =)

The 29th in the evening I went to my boyfriend Jose's house with Tefy and Ricardo and Jose'e brother Cesar and later me aunt ( Tefy´s mom ) came too and we sat outside talking. When it got close to 12 o´clock Tefy and jose started arguing about who was going to hug me first to wish me Happy Birthday,which was really funny!! =) At 12 bith of them jumped on me and hugged me at the same time and then I hugged the others. Then we went inside, where Jose's dad was waiting with champagne. Jose made a toast saying how special I am for him, and told me he loved me infront of all of them including both of his parents and then his mom gave me really pretty earrings and a necklace as a present! I was overwhelmed and really happy. We all sat down in the living room and talked while drinking more champagne and wine. Tefy, her mom and I left at around 1 and went home to sleep.
I had to get up at 6 to get my bag packed and then went to meet Valeria (Peru) and Linden (Australia). Nancy wished me Happy Birthday and a good trip, and we waited an hour and a half for AniLu (an AFS volunteer). This is called " hora peruana". =)

Then we took a bus to Paita and then a taxi to Colan. We went to the house where we were supposed to stay and set up the tents. Then AniLu and I went to eat lunch in a restaurant. We went to the beach and layed in the sun. I just couldn't believe that it was my birthday, because I was lying in the burning hot sand and then we went swimming in the Pacific Ocean. But in Colan you can only go swimming when the tide is high, because when it's low there are lots of sting rays. ( picture ) In the evening we went to change, but we werern't allowed to use the shower in the bathroom, so Anilu showered in the garden in our bikinis, which was really cold, but a lot of fun!! Then we got ready and went to the Camacho, which is the center of Colan. with all the stores, which is where everybody goes to meet other people.