Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

finally switching family

So, I have had some problems with my family, mostly with my mom, because she has never been happy with me, so today I am switching families for good. I'll be living with a lady from AFS for a couple of days, then on the weekend we're going to Chiclayo for a AFS fiesta, and when we come back, I don't know where I'm gonna live, which pretty much sucks!!!!!!! =(
I really tried everything I could with the Seminario family, but for them I guess it was never good enough......
Right now I don't have a family, I don't have a home, so all I got right now is my friends.....

jose y carlos =D te quieren de verdad

So in the evening my mom brought me to Mery's house with all my stuff. I said goodbye to Charo and Eduardo and mom. My mom told me "te quiero mucho", I cried and they were sad too, but what can you do, right? We decided to be friends and mom promised me that she would make my dress for my fiesta de promocion, which is really nice of her....
So now I just have to wait until AFS finds a new family for me,....then we'll see how that turns out, but hey, nobody should be worried about me, cause I'm fiine, and my friends and the people from AFS are extremly awesome and always there for me!!!

Sonntag, 30. November 2008

la despedida

So Tefy and I got ready and then another friend Patsy came too. Then like five or six guys from quinto got us and we all walked together to the house where the despedida was. We took lots of pictures with Tefy's camera, which I hope she will send to me sometime soon. We had a good time, ate, drank, danced a lot, and it was really fun.
On Sunday we all went to the church again

at night. I'm quite proud of myself today because I understood pretty much everything the priest said. =)

doing things on my own

During the week I almost never go to the center, and on weekends only sometimes, so when I run out of something I need, I gotta go by taxi to the supermarket. Normally Steve, or one of my peruvian friends goes with me, but on Friday I went to the center, without meeting up with someone, alone, for the first time. I bought the stuff I needed and went back home in taxi. Then there was a science fair in my school, which we were expected to attend wearing our school uniform, and then after that I went to Tefy's house to get ready for the despdida, which is organised by cuarto for the students of quinto.

Yesterday Diego left for Lima, which is where he's going to be studying from now on. He has preparation classes for a big exam in March to get into a really good military college. We broke up, because long distance relationships are really hard, so I'm pretty sad about that,..... = (