Samstag, 13. September 2008

Bienvenido Dani!

The next day, I got up and took my first peruvian shower = COLD!!!! In my house we have hot water, but we have to turn on a boiler or something and wait for a while for it to warm up. =)

I went to the city with my mom and my mom wanted to buy some chicken, so I thought, ok great, we are going to the supermarket, but no. What we did was stop on the side of the road, then a lady holding a living bird came up the car opened the door, and my mom poked the bird to see how good the meat was. I was seriously shocked. We didn't buy the bird, and as I didn't know the word for bird in spanish, I said " La comida vive", which means " the food lives/ is alive", and my mom said" Si, es normal". =) After lunch, Charo and I went to a house and listened to a priest praying for like 20 minutes. Then we sang some holy songs and stuff and it was really weird. Then she showed me the city center and we took a taxi home. Piura reminds me of New York City, because there are SO MANY taxis everywhere, I like it =)

Sonntag, 7. September 2008


In Caracas we waited for two hours and then got on the plane to Lima. In the plane, after I had gotten back from the bathroom I suddenly a kind of panick attack. I wasn't feeling so good, because of the airplane food and then my eyes teared up and I couldn't breathe, so I was hyperventilating. But then I calmed down slowly and everything was fine again. The flight to Lima was about three and a half hours and after going through customs and getting our luggage we changed some dollars for soles,...that was exciting =) Then there was an AFS person waiting for us. He spoke German, but there were two other ladys( one from Trujillo, and one from Piura) who onlz spoke spanish. They brought us to a car and the car brought us to a type of school or something, where we stayed for the next two days. Diddi and I shared a room. The rooms looked like prison cells: there were two beds, a sink and eveyone got a towel, some soap and a role of toilet paper. Then I took a shoed and went to bed....we were really tired.

The next day we got up, ate breakfast and met lots of new people from all over the world. We found out that there were about 20 people from Belgium, 10 from Germany, 2 from Switzerland, 4 from Austria, 4 from Denmark, 3 from France, 1 from New Zealand and 1 from Canada. There was noone from the US or China, but we found out later that there were supposed to be 3 people from China, but they had a problem with their visa, and were going to come to Peru later. I made lots of friend, like Jessie from Switzerland, who spoke perfect German and Miriam from New Zealand, who is really crazy, just like me =) We mostly just hung out and relaxed, because there was noone from AFS there. Noone to tell us what to do,...there was just us,..the kids in Peru from other countries.

The next day, after breakfast an AFS volunteer showed up and we had and introduction in English. Then we got split into groups and a Peruvian talked about Peru in English. He said that Peruvian don't care about being skinny, as long as they can eat, they are happy and if they wanna make you happy, they give you food =) Then we got split into even smaller groups and had to perform certain skits. The rest of the day Miriam and I played cards, and we made a guy from Denmark and Miriam read out German words that I wrote down...that was fun =) Some people had already left for their towns. We ate dinner, got our stuff and got into minivans. The minivans took us to a busstation, we checked in our luggage, and got on the bus. We were on the second floor. It left Lima at 21:30 and we ate dinner on the bus. I couldn't really sleep, although the seats were really comfortable. We were in Chiclayo at 9:45. Diddi, Miriam and some other AFSlers left us and then we continued and were in Piura at 12:30. It was a 15 hours bus ride, I slept about 2 hours and I was tired.

I got off the bus and there was Rosario holding a huge sign that said " Bienvenida Dani". I spoke English with her....then her mom came and she only speaks Sanish, so whenever I didn't understand something Rosario ( a.k.a. Charo ) translated for me. At home they showed me the house and my room+bathroom ( so awesome!! ) and then we got Eduardo ( a.k.a Edu ) from school and went to a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant. It was good. We went back to the house, chillaxed and at 11 o'clock in the evening Charo's dad came home. He's really nice! We talked a little and then I went to bed ( SOOO TIRED....)

Diddi and Jessie (Switzerland)

Dani and Dani =)