Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Mail for ME =)

<-- my camera is still broken, so the only pics I can put in my blog are either from other people or the internet ( like this one)

When I got back from Chicayo I got a package from my old home, which was sent to me from Austria!! I was really excited and wanted to open it immediatly, but I had to wait, becuase we went out to eat with Mery, the AFS lady, I´d been staying with and then I switched houses again to where Steve is living, Nancy´s house, who is the president of AFS Piura. I´ll be staying here until they find another family for me.
Today Steve and I sat down to open our mail. He had also gotten 2 boxes with stuff from his family in Switzerland. We took turns opening pur presents. My parents had sent me a " Milka- Adventskalender", some christmas stickers and a letter from my mom. I opened the windows of the Adventskalender up to today, and was eating chocolate while watching Steve unpack his packages, which contained lots of chocolate, and christmas cookies. Then we took turns reading the letters we had gotten to each other, I read Steve´s letters, which was really quite hard because most of them were in "Switzerdeutsch" which is the German they speak in Switzerland, which I think is quite easy to understand but really hard to read and he read the letter I got from mom to me, which was also really hard from him, because he, like so many people, could not read my mom´s handwriting. =)
Mom, Dad, thank you so much for the package and for thinking of me!! I love you and I miss you!!

And of course you too my beloved brother. This may sound weird, but I miss fighting with you. =)


On Saturday I went to Chiclayo with lots of AFS people. We stayed at a hotel about 2 miutes from the beach, which was awesome. When we left piura it was really HOTTT but in Chiclayo it was windy and kind of cold. We went to the center of Chiclayo and walked around a little and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the party, another "50 years of AFS" party, but this time for Chiclayo. The theme was black and white, and it wasn´t elegant, but casual, so I put on a short white skirt and a black shirt. The party was in a restaurant on the beach, which was really noce. Diddi was there and so was Miriam, which was awesome!! I sang "My Heart Will Go On" again, this time not just with music, but also with Celine, and it was really fun. We ate, talked, danced and then went back to the hotel.
The next day we got up early and went to the beach to walk in the water, which was really cold!! Then Linden, from Austrlia kumped in the water, so i did too, well up to my shoulder, which was a blast!!! Then we went to the center of Chiclayo to find a prom dress for Lisa and we did. We had lunch in Pizza hut, and I also had a really nice conversation with a guy working in Starbucks. Miriam spent the whole day with us, which was really cool!! In the late afternoon we went back to the beach for another quick swim. The waves were ginourmous and the current was strong, but we managed to keep it under control. Afterwards we went to one of the AFS volunteers´house for cake and then to the bus stop. Our bus left at 8:15 and we were back in Piura a little before 11:30.