Dienstag, 30. September 2008

Life and Friends and Stuff

One weekend we all went to eat at a club,...it was nice =)

Another weekend we stayed at home and cooked, ourselves. My cousin from Lima is here, and she helped us. Her names Melissa, or Meli, she's 20, really small and really cute. I speak only Spanish with her.

The food we cooked was delicious!! =)

That same weekend I went to the festival of gimanstics in colegio Santa Ana with my friend Pierina, her cousin Daniela (really nice) and some of her friends. It was awesome. Schools from all over Peru and even a school from Ecuador participated. We talked, watched the performances and had a great time. I went home in a secure taxi with Sofia. She stayed at my house for a while and then her dad got her. It was fun!!

Meli likes to put make-up on people, so one day she put A LOT on me.

One day after school, in the afternoon, two of my best friends AnaLu and Daniela came to my house to work on a presentation for Comunicacion. At first we did, and we finished it, but then we played the guitar and sang, and took lots of crazy pictures. I love them, they are awesome!!