Samstag, 20. September 2008

Talent show and Disco =)

On friday there was a talent show in my school. Some kids from my class danced to " We go together" from Grease and I sang " I'm Yours". There were many people and it was really fun. Mama and abuela (grandma) couldn´t come, because they went to a fashion show, but Charo, Salva (her BF) and Edu came, and I think they liked it =)

<--Daniela (one of my best friends)

<-- Jorge and Daniela *lol*

<-- Fiorella, Pierina, Liz, AnaLu y Daniela =)

Gianmarco y yo =)

After the show we went home, Charo straightened my hair, did my make up, her friends and her BF came to our house and then our dad took us to queens. Actually you have to be 18 to get in, but they don't ever check ID, and there are 13-year-olds in there. At first it was a little boring, but then my friend AnaLu came and I went with here to a table, where there were other people we knew from our school ( one year older ). We talked, had fun, and danced,....well,...I tried,....they taught me how to dance reggaeton, and a little salsa and it was extremly fun. I danced with AnaLu and some guys from my school. We went home at 2:30, it was fun =)

The next day I was woken up by someone knocking at my door. It was my brother and he said " tus amigos estan aqua", which means " your friends are here". I jumped out of bed, washed, put on some clothes and went downstairs and there they were,...many of them. They had just come from "colegio Montessori" where there was some kind of event, and they were all wearing their school uniform. We talked a little and then I went with them to Montessori and we walked around a little. Almost everybody left and in the end it was just my two friends Jorge, Carlos and me. They walked me home, we talked a little and then they left. I am SO HAPPY to have such awesome friends!!!!!! They are SO NICE!!!

There's a first time for everything!!!

I finally bought a call phone and I also bought a dress to go to the disco =) Last weekend I went to the movies with some of my friend and my brother and we watched a movie called " Viaje al centro de la tierra". It was all Spanish, and I didn't understand everything, but quite a lot =) It was really fun! Here foreigners are called gringos/gringas. Charo was chatting with her friends and one friend asked her " UNA GRINGA VIVE EN TU CASA?" It was really funny, because I was sitting next to Charo......I have another new friend (the same guy), who was in America for a year and speaks really good English. His name is Junior, but I call him JJ, just like everybody in America did. =) I tried typical peruvian food, which was sea food. It was REALLY salty, but ok.


My first day of school was exciting! I was really nervous and scared, and even moreso when my mom just told me to go and look for the principal by myself. A teacher helped me find Miss Charito and she introduced me to her daughter Sofia, who is in my class. She's really nice!! She introduced me to everybody else from our class and showed me around. Everybody, absolutly EVERYBODY stares at me in school. The first couple of days were the worst. I couldn't make a move without everybody's kind of weird, because in our class in Austria I'm not theg the center of attention, so I'm not used to it. My English teacher came up to me after class and said,....I know I'm your teacher, but I also want to be your friend. If you have a problem you can come talk to me. Everyday in the first week I was at school we played sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, everything, I absolutly LOVE me school, although it gets boring from time to time because I don' understand some things, and I can't write tests or do homework yet, because my spanish isn't good enough. But I still participate in class and my friends help me a lot. =)
When I told my friend that I want to be a singer they immediately handed me a guitar and demanded me to sing =) I sang a couple of songs and when I looked up at my friends they had tears in their eyes. I guess they really liked it =) Then I played the Star Spangled Banner and one guy seriously started crying an everbofy laughed at him.

Every day I can go to school with either my normal uniform (blouse and skirt) or my sports uniform( blue pants, white shirt, grey polo shirt). I only have one of each, and I wash it a couple times a week, but sometimes it isn't dry in the morning, one time, in the morning when I checked my pants and they were still really wet, my mom put them in the microwave, took them out and put them back in. She did this about 6 times and then suprise, suprise, my pants were nice and dry =)