Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

Doing school work

Pierina and Lisley

Today two friends from school, Pierina y Lisley, came to my house to work on a Phisics paper. When we were done I played the guitar, we sang and then took some pictures. Then Carlos came to see me.

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Spending time with friends =)

Winnie Pooh (Cristhian) and I =)
Since none of us really had enough money to go out Ricardo, Tefy, Maria, Gaimpi, Winnie and I went to have our own "little party" sitting in the basketball court across the road from my house. My boyfriend couldn't come, but I had a really good time with just my friends.
On Saturday we had a AFS meeting in Steve's houes. We all had to bake a typical dish from our country, so I went to the market with Tefy and Karina and bought all the things we needes to make "Vanillekipferl", which an Austrian dessert. Tefy, Kathy and Maria also went to Steve's house with me, and we all ate a lot, Crepe and Kish from France, Zopf from Switzerland and many other tasty things.