Sonntag, 1. März 2009

Basketball =)

I bought a basketball in the market, and the last couple of weeks I went out to play basketball by myself in the blazing sun, to get some exercise and to get a nice tan. =) In the evenings I play with friends and one time I even got to know new people who asked if they could play too.

I get along great with my brothers and especially with my sister and I almost always get along with Tefy, so that's pretty cool!!! I always help Kathy with her English homework, which is really fun, because I learn more words in Spanish by trying to translate English sentences into Spanish.

Unfortunalty this last week has been a week of losing things. Tefy lost her cell phone, and so did I and my mom lost 100 Soles. =(

Every day in the morning my grandpa, whom everyone calls "Papi Lencho" comes to spend the day in the house or in the little parc, which is right across from the house. He's a little deph, so everytime you talk to him you really have to shout, which is quite amusing. When you first get to know him he seems to be really serious, but he actually loves to joke arounf all the time. =)

I'm dying to go to the beach, so I hope we can do that next weekend.