Montag, 16. Februar 2009

¡¡My LaTe birthday party!!

a happy "birthday" girl
that was after they dunked my face into the cake, and that's Tefy's mom, my aunt Chela

the one in the blue shirt is my brother Javier, and those are his study buddies. they were studying for a big exam the next day

Ricardo, Carlos, Maria and I
my mom, my sister Kathy and her long term boyfriend Karloncho
Ricardo, Tefy, Maria and I
Ricardo and I (he calls me his little sister, because he is whiter than most peruvians and we both have green eyes =))
Maria and I making the did Tefy, but she took the picture =)

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday because on the 30th of december, which is my actual birthday I went to the beach and then in January I was in Chiclayo for two weeks and we never had time to have a little party with cake. So yesterday I turned 16+1 month and a half. =)

In the afternoon Maria, a friend of ours, invited Tefy and me to go eat ice cream. When we got home we started preparing a pizza, which is a rather rare thing here in Peru.

Then Ricardo and Carlos came and we hung out, ate pizza and drank sangria, which is a type of wine. Then they got the cake I had picked out and eveyone sang first happy birthday and then cumpleaños feliz for me. Then they held the cake up to me and told me to take a bite, so I did and Ricardo shoved my face into the cake, which is a peruvian birthday custom. But he didn't shove very hard, so my face wasn't totally dunked into the cake, but it was definatley fun. Then we ate cake, sat around and talked. It was just my clostest friends and family, and it was really fun.
-------> By the way... we took these pictures with Tefy's camera, since mine is now entirely broken, and her camera is kind of old and doesn't work that well, so the date that shows on every picture is over 4 years wrong. *haha*