Dienstag, 26. August 2008

Getting the visa

Last Thursday Diddi and I went to Vienna to get our visa. On the train we met Daniel, a guy from Carinthia, who is also going to Peru this year. He was very helpful and we found the Peruvian embassy in Vienna quite easily.
The consulate, a rather tall, skinny guy, who mostly spoke Spanish with us, looked at us carefully and after he was done with one of us, he sent us outside to wait. It was funny, because before we went into his office Diddi and Daniel seemed really nervous and he gave them every right to be. But what made his office more comfortable was that there was music in the background and he kept tapping his foot and singing along to the music =)
When we were done, we still had lots of time left, so we went to Stephansplatz and sat down for a drink. We also went to the "Manner"- shop and bought some sweets.
The Daniel brought Diddi and me to the train station and we went home. This trip was fun!
Diddi's mom got Diddi that night. We had lots of fun together. =)