Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

Afterschool activities

Last week we went to the university to hear Charo and her choir sing. It was kind of like a church service, because it was at the university's chapel, so it took really long. Basically it was a priest chanting in Spansih, and the only time I wasn't really bored was when the choir was singing, which was beautiful! It was really windy and everyone was cold, but we stuck it out, and it was ok. I dressed up for the occasion with Charo's clothes, and so I was wearing a nice shirt, a blouse and a skirt, everything in black and high heals, and I'll tell you this: I felt like a giant!!!! I think, I was the tallest woman there that night! =)

In one picture you can see how tall I am with the high heels compared to my cousin Meli. She's naturally small, but I seriously look huge!!


Everybody loves soccer here (well, the boys do). There aren't many games in the stadium, because the teams are so bad, but everytime there's a major game of Peru on TV the teachers and the students bet on who is going to win. So when Peru-Argentina played the teachers bet that Argentina would win, and if they didn't they would buy a meal (chicken) for every single student in our class, but if Argentina did win, the class would have to buy a meal (chicken) for the teachers. And if the teams tie then the teachers and the students would go out to eat together.

I watched the game at home with Charo and guess what happened. They tied in the last second. 1:1. So on Friday we were supposed to go out to eat with the teachers. We said we would meet at 7 o'clock. I was there at 7:10, but nobody else was. My mom and Meli explained to me that Peruvian time is different-->they are always at least a half an hour late, and so we waited and Meli and I took pictures of each other.

Half an hour later there was still noone there, so I called my friend and she told me t go to another restaurant. There I met 5 of my friends. They were the only ones who had come. Even the teachers hadn't kept their promise!!!!!

So the 6 of us ate chicken with fries and drank Inka Cola, was reallt tasty. Then Sofia and I went to the bathroom and took lots of crazy pictures--> really fun.

Afterwards AnaLu and her friend got me from the restaurant and we went to her house for a while. Then we took a taxi to where two more friends were waiting and there we waited for Tefy, another friend from quinto. =) Then I went with her and my other friends from quinto and we just hung out and talked and was really fun.

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Sofia´s Birthday =)

On the first of October was Sofia's birthday. She's one of my best friends. She turned 15 and here in Peru that's like turning 16 in the USA-->it´s a big deal. Lots of families who have money have a huge party daughter (it's only girls, the boys "important" birthday is 18) who turns 15, with a big cake and fancy dresses and stuff, but Sofia didn't. Instead she had a small party at her house with everybady from our class and her family.

But before I tell you about the party I'll tell you about some customs for birthdays that I learned about in school. Sofia had to pick 4 of her favorite people from our class and I was one of them =) Then she closed her eyes and all the kids in the class decided Sofia had to kiss, hug, kick and hit on the head. I got to hug her, and the other girl got to kiss her, and then Sofia got to kick Gianmarco and hit Christian on the head.... it was hilarious!!!! =)

Then in the break we were all standing around talking to Sofia when Chen (a guy from our class) randomly walked uo to Sofia and cracked a raw egg on her head!! =) Sofia was shocked, and everybody laughed!!! She went to wash her hair and Chen went to clean up the mess, but our class room still stank like egg for a couple of days =) Normally in Peru it's not just an egg that you dump on the birthday persons head. Sometime it's flower, or confetti, and all kinds of things. Another custom for birthdays here is if you have a cake you shove the birthday person's head in it.....tasty!!

<-- AnaLu, Daniela y yo (2 of my BFF) But now I'll tell you about the party. First we just sat around and talked and thought of quotes for everyone from our class plus the teachers. Mine were " No entiendo" which means "I don't understand" and "Aiaiai" =) Then we sang together and it was really fun. When people started leaving, and there were only like 10 of us left, we went to the playground and had fun on the swing set. =)
We spelled out LOVE, can you see it?

-->Pierina, AnaLu, Lis y yo =)