Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Colan - Class trip to the beach

We got up early on Sunday, mom took me to the store to buy some water ( a huge bottle ) and then to the bus stop, where the others were already waiting in line. We had to wait for a really long time and then finally we got on the bus. I sat next to my friend Lisley and AnaLu sat next to Gianmarco (picture). Unfortunately Daniela couldn't come,...but we still had lots of fun. The busride was about an hour, then we got off and everyone squeezed into a combi (a minibus). And when i say squeezed I really mean it!! We were 21 students+4 teachers+ the driver in one small bus, so believe me when i tell you that it was cr owded!!! We drove for about 15 minutes, and when we got out, everyone was sticky and hot.

We put our stuff our rooms, which were really nice, and then we went to the beach. We walked bare foot in the water for a really long time and it was awesome and so beautiful!!! Then we sat down to eat lunch,...I hadn't brought any, so I just layed in the sand and enjoyed it =) Then I went into the water,...well up to my knees, with my friend,...I splahed him a little and he splahed me a lot (so that I was soaked), so I ran after him and fell on my knees in the sand. My wound, that had just started to heal, was covered with blood, and it was running down my left and into the sand, which looked really disgusting. My friend didn't know what to do to stop the bleeding, so he took his white shirt and whiped up the blood with it. Then he tied his shirt around my knee, was quite funny =)

When we got back to our rooms, we changed into our bathing suits and jumped into the cold pool. We splashed around, played various games and it was really fun. After that we just sat around in the hamocks and talked. Then it got really windy and cold, so almost everyone put on long pants and a sweater and we watched an interview of a guy, who was a drug addict for many years. Then we sat in a circle and discussed the video. Everybody had gotten the warm blankets from their rooms and so there were like 2-4 people to on blanket and it looked really funny =) I would have taken a picture but it was freezing cold and I didn't wanna take me hands from the warmth of the blanket =) Finally, at 8:15 we ate dinner. I was starving, because I hadn't eaten any lunch. Then we walked down the road, for a long time until we came to what looked like an old fallen apart building, where only the walls were showing. We explored a little and made a fire, and took a lot of picture, which was FUN(NY)! =)

We walked back spread out. There was a big group of us further ahead, and like 6 of us+ the 4 teachers walked in the back. Then a pick-up truck came and we jumped onto the back. When we passed the others we laughed at them and we were at the hotel like 10 minutes before they were. It was kind of ironic, because at 4 teachers were at the hotel with us, and the rest of the kids were walking alone =) I played the guitar and sang for a while and then we "went to bed".

The next day we were woken at about 7:30. We ate breakfast, then went to another house, also owned by Gianmarco's parents and did some activities. I had a sunburn in my face and on my back from the day before so I put even more sun creme than usual on my body =)

When we got back, we swam a little, then packed and left =( This time we didn't all go in one minibus, but in three different cars. I sat in the back of a car with my friend Jorge.