Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Going - away - party

Last Friday I had a going-away-party. It was really fun. 8 girls came, although I had invited more,...and then there was Nick, Alex, Traude, Gerhard, Erdrun and Franz. My parents prepared the food for many hours, and I helped wherever I could. At the party we talked a lot, played volleyball and ate the amazing food. The girls sat at the table to eat,....and the boys sat on the swings. =)

Later on, everyone gathered in the living room, and we first watched a video of me singing at the concert, and then we watched a couple of videos about Peru and Piura. Then I played the guitar and sang, and everyone who knew the lyrics sang along. Then we played a game, where everyone got a piece of paper with the name of a celebrity on it stuck on their head. For example, my dad was Hilary Clinton, my brother was Heidi Klum, and they had to guess who they were by asking questions like "Am I an American?" It was really fun!!!

In the evening there was a really bad storm outside and some of the girls had to go home by taxi, because their parents couldn't come get them.

The party was a big success. It was extremely fun, the food was incredible and we had a good time.


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!!

I created this blog so people can experience with me my adventure in Peru. In exactly two weeks ( not counting today) I will be sitting on an airplane and flying to a continent I have never been to.

There is so much to prepare, from getting a visa, getting shots to packing lightly, since I'm only allowed to take 20 kg with me. Oh, and having a going-away party, which was a lot of fun, by the way.

Tomorrow Diddi is coming. She's also going to Peru, but to a different city. I'm going to Piura, which is really close to Ecuador, and Diddi will be a little further south in Chiclayo.

There were some complications with our visa, so we have to go to Vienna on Thursday to get things straightened out.

I have to prepare a presentation about Austria in Spanish, which Diddi and I are going to work on together. I wonder if they even know where Austria is...