Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Staying in/ being grounded

I only went to the gym on Monday last week. The rest of the week I didn't because I was grounded, because I'd gone to a friends' house after the gym without my moms' permission, which is probably the most important thing for parents here in Peru. I wasn't allowed to go out on the weekend either, so I stayed in and worked on a Phisics paper until 2 a.m on Friday and on Saturday I went to the Club Grau with my friend Valeria. We ate, sunbathed and then went for a swim. We met some of her friends there and watched them play a professional game of ping pong. In the evening all of my friends plus Tefy and my brother Giampi went to either the party that was organized by the university of Piura or to a party called "fiesta de Tekila", where a shot of Tekila cost about 3 Soles, which is less than a dollar and a lot less than a euro. Carlos came to see me, because for one, I wasn't allowed to go out and also he didn't have any money to go out himself. We sat on the doorstep talking, as usual, until 12 p.m., then he left and I went to bed. I didn't fall asllep until late and then at 4 a.m. Tefy came home and woke me up. She had drunken a little too much beer and Tekila, which is never a good idea. I stayed up with her for 2 hours, then went to my sister Kathys' room, slept for an hour and then had to get up to go to school for a " father's day" performance (although Father's day in Peru isn't until the 21st of June). At 12 o'clock lunch time Carlos came and I was happy because I was really bored being in school on a Sunday! We went home around 3, and just sat in the little park in front of my house for a while. =)