Montag, 30. März 2009

My Weekend / Soccer in Peru

Tefy y Ricardo
watching the soccer game with little hope for Peru
IcE cReAm!!!
Inca Cola!!!!
On Friday I went to the movies with Lisa, Steve and Carlos. We watched "simplemente no te quiere" (he's just not that into you) and I really liked it. But I guess Lisa and Steve didn't because half way through the movie they got up, said goodbye to Carlos and I and left for a party. =)

On Saturday I went to a "group-hang" with my friends from school. I was going to bring along Carlos, but my friends insisted on me going alone, so I had a good time with just my friends. =)

On Sunday I went to the food court with Ricardo and Tefy to watch the Peru- Chile game. It's pretty similar to an Austria- Germany game, because Chile, just like Germany always ( unless there's a miracle ) wins. I ate chifa ( which is a mixture of peruvian and chines food and is delicious!!! ) and Ricardo and Tefy ordered a pizza. Peru lost 1:3, which was what everybody was already expecting, but hoping it wouldn't be that way. Then we went to Saga, the main and biggest store of Peru, met up with Carlos and just walked around the store for a while.

This may sound like I'm only having fun here in Peru, but that's just because I think it's boring to write about me doing my homework and studying all morning and afternoon. Here's some other non- interesting, but necessary things I did this weekend: clean the house (my room, the bathroom, the windows,....) , help cook! ( I'm really getting the hang of that now =) and I guess I would be considered a cook you can trust, because I've gained a lot of weight here --> for those who don't know what I'm talking about, there's a saying that goes: Never trust a skinny cook! ... get it??! haha). What else did I do? Fight with my brothers and my sister, but just small fights. I can't think of anything else I did, but maybe I just forgot because it was irrelevant. =)