Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009


Tefy and Carlos

Sergio, me and Carlos
Sergio and Ricardo My teddy and I

my brother Gian Pierre and I

Tefy and I


On night we got together with acouple of our friends from our old class. We sat outside Jose's house, talked, laughed and had a blast. Tefy and i took my little brother Gian Pierre with us and we took lots of pictures. =)

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Mojann!!! corre!!!!!!!!!!

So, here in Peru in summer the people of all ages like to get water baloons and hit you with them when you're randomly walking down the street, so you always have to have your eyes ( and ears ) open, and be ready to run. It really wouldn't matter, if they'd just throw the baloons at you to get you wet, because it's so hot here, and that would feel good, but the thing is that they don't just get you wet, they come up to you and touch you in all kinds of places, which is rather uncomfortable.

Tefy and I were walking to the main street to take a taxi to the center, when Tefy yelled" mojan!!! corre!!!!", which means " they have baloons!!! run!!!!. She grabbed my hand and we started running back where we came from. About 15 boys of all ages were right behind us.


We asked a man, who was washing his car, for help, and he opened his gate for us, so we could stand in the front part of the building until the boys were gone, but they just kept standing outside. Then one of the boys asked Tefy if she was Ricardo´s girlfriend, and when she said yes, the boy yelled: ¡¡¡no las mojan!!! ( don't throw the baloons at them), which was kind of funny. They left and when we felt safe, we thanked the man and went to the center get some stuff done.

In the evening my parents took me by car to my friend Valeria's house. Later that night we went to buy gum, to the nearest kiosk. We were walking and talking and suddenly like 5 or 6 guys came up to us and starting throwing water baloons at us. I tried to dodge the last one, but it was already too late anyway, because my whole but and part of my shirt in th back were already soaking wet. The only good thing about this experience was that in the evenings it's still kind of warm, so at least we didn't freeze and get sick. This was definatly an experience I will never forget in all of my life. =)