Dienstag, 10. März 2009

School,...again =)

On Monday school started again. "Las Arenas" has moved its location and is now a lot closer to my house. My brother's school is right across the road from my school, so we go to school together (by mototaxi) in the morning. After school I walk home alone, because my brother gets out earlier than I do. This week I only have school until 1:20, but next week we're on the new schedule. My class mates will have school until 3:30 every day of the week, because they have normal classes plus 2 hours of a cours callesd " Pre U" which is a preparation course for the university, which I won't be taking, since I won't be studying here, so I get out at 2:45 on Mondays and 2:05 the rest of the week. There's one new girl, from a different school, so everytime a teacher asks "Is there someone new here?" they all point out Alexandra. I guess it feels good not to be "the new girl" anymore.

This year is certainly going to be different as far as learning and understanding things goes, because last year, although I did take some test and do all the homework I could, I was still learning to speak Spanish. This year I understand pretty much everything in Spanish and I will certainly try to do all the homework and tests, and the teachers really expect me to do a good job.

We're really lucky because our class room, is one of the only rooms with air conditioning. The other class rooms only have fans. It's nice and cool in the class room but once you go outside you pretty much get a heat shock.

Since March is the hottest month of summer, we ae allowed to go to school with our P.E. uniform until the first of April, which we are really thankful for!!

This afternoon I already did my first homework for a class called "Cívica". =)
I'm really glad to be in school again, although now I do have 7 hours of math and 5 hours of Physics a week... uffff