Montag, 27. April 2009

Comment please!!!


I feel like noone is reading my blog, because noone (a few exeptions) even bothers to comment on my posts. I would really appreciate comments, because I am truly putting all of my effort into this blog.


Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Peruvian wedding

On Friday I went out with the boys. I was going to hang out with Lisa, but she wasn't home, so I went to Gustavo's house with Ricardo, Jose, Sergio and Sebastian. It was really good to go out with just my friends again!!

On Saturday I got up at 7:30, because I had to be at school for an event day at 8, but there was one little problem which made me late: there was no water, nor electricity in the house!! So I filled up a bucket with water from where we usually connect the hose to water the garden and showered with that, pooring water on myself with a cup, which a lot harder than it sounds. Then I spent the whole day until 5 o'clock in school with my class mates playing games, including games with water baloons, singing, and having a good time.
When I came home I was completly beat, extremly tired and so I rested for an hour and then we all had to get ready to go to my dad's nieces' wedding. As usual Tefy sat on my lap on the car ride to Catacaos and we arrived just in time for the ceremony. When it was over and the happy married couple walked down towards the door the people threw rice at them. After the ceremony we went to the party, ate some good food, and we were totally eaten by mosquitos. I swear that on my legs alone I have over 20 bites. At midnight I held a speech congratulating my cousin Ana Maria to her 18th birthday. At around 3:30 we drove back to Piura and went to bed.