Montag, 13. April 2009

PLAYAAA!!!!!! =)

This weekend was " semana santa" (Easter) and we had thursday and friday off. Tefy left on Thursady for Colan with some of her friends and I went to Catacaos with my whole family, which is where the whole extended family lives.

On Saturday I got up early, packed my back pack, went to the store with Kathy to buy some food for our little trip and then we were off. First we got on a bus to Paita, which is a one hour drive, and then we went by collectivo half an hour to a beach called Yacila. We met up with Kathy's boyfriend Karloncho, who was the one to invite us to his house in Yacila in the first place, and then we went to the beach. Yacila is extremly beautiful, and the water is ice cold. Karloncho, his cousin and I went for a swim. The waves where enourmous and wild, because of the full moon, and I have a bruise on my shoulder and on my nose ( believe it or not ) from the waves. Then we went back to the house, showered and started getting ready to go to the party in Colan. A couple of hours later we were finally ready and we got a ride with some of Karlonchos' friends.
The party was divided into the general part (40 Soles), where they only sell beer and the VIP part (70 Soles) where you could take whiskey, wodka or whatever with you. Kathy, Karloncho and I bought paid the cheaper ticket, but then Karloncho's cousins, who had gone to VIP ripped off and gave us their VIP-bracelets, which we then "glued together again" with gum, and we went to VIP, which was awesome!! We stayed until 6 o'clock in the morning and then went back to Yacila with the same people we had come with, of course with a designated driver. We ate the left over Mac and Cheese, and then went to sleep.
I got up just a couple of hours later, put sun screen on my back, face and shoulders and went to the beach alone to get a tan. =) Then I went back to the house to get Kathy and Karloncho and we all went to the beach, but this time I was the only one who went for a swim. The water was freezing again, but it felt extremly good, beacuse it was really hot. Then we went to eat (arroz con mariscos= rice with sea food, which is really tasty) and then we went to the beach again. Kathy, Karloncho and his cousins sat in the shade, but I wanted to get a tan, so I burnt in the sun for a while and then went for another swim alone. I love Yacila!! It's so incredibly beautiful and the water is perfect, because there are no dangerous animals nor seaweed in the water.=)