Freitag, 26. Dezember 2008

Feliz Navidad!!!!!

The 24th of December was awesome!!! Christmas here officially starts at 12 o'clock, midnight, the 24th of december. In the morning we went to the market, yet again, to buy food and whatever else we needed. I love to go to the market!! Some parts are disgusting, like where they sell meat, but the fruit section is amazing. There are sooooo many different kinds of fruit and so many colors and smells, it's cooL!!! Going to the market with Tefy's mom is like a sport, because although she's a small woman, she can walk really fast!!! And what Tefy and I try to do is run after her, and that's not as easy as it sounds!!! =) Because I'm the stringest of us 3, I always carry the heavy stuff, whcih makes it even harder to keep up, but it's also very fun. In the afternoon Tefy's (Ricardo) and my boyfriend (Jose Carlos) came to see us, and we gave them our presents ( a teddy bear, and a christamas card, because I call him Teddy =) )
Then later Jose came again and gave me a heart necklace for Christmas --> really pretty!!! =)
My blood related brother Chris called me. When my brother here told me who was calling, I screamed soooo loud, I think they must have thought I had gone crazyyyyy!!!! =) But I was just really happy =)

In the evening, we got ready to go to Catacaos to Papi Lencho's ( the grandpa) house. The 8 of us squezzed into the Volkswagen, which was really fun. =) We walked alround town, then went back to the house, where I met the whole family. At 12 o´clock I hugged everyone, saying " Feliz Navidad", then we ate rice with fruit, turkey, and for desert paneton, which is a specialty for X-mas and Pastell. Everything was soooo tasty, and I ate A LOT. In fact, I ate so much that I wasn't hungry the whole next day. =)
This was my first christmas without my family and without presents, but it was an amazing experience and all I really wanted for Christmas this year was to be with my best friend and a family that really cares about me and my wish was granted!!!! =)