Freitag, 19. Dezember 2008

Fiesta de Promocion!!!!!!!

Steve and I

Tefy and Winnie (her best *boy*friend)

Tefy y Ricardo

On Wednesday I moved into Tefy´s house. We don´t have my bed set up yet, so we squeezed into one bed =) In the morning we had to go to school, because Tefy and lots of my other friends from quinto had repeat exams, cause they failed the ones before. I waited for a couple of hours. Yesterday in the afternoon I went shopping for my corsage with Steve, because he´s my pareja for the fiesta. Then in the evening we got ready and everything and first went to school for the graduacion ceremony. We were really late, it was almost over, but we were just in time for the group foto, so we quickly out on the graduacion gound and the hat. Then we went to the fiesta, which was in a really fancy back yard of a huge house. First every student from quinto danced with their mom/dad. This is the part were I just watched, cause I didn't have anyone to dance with. Then we danced walz with our pareja and then just sat around, talked, danced and had a good time. At 3 we were kicked out of the house. All the parents left at 3, and so did Tefy and I, because she had another make-up test the next day. She was really mad at her mom for that, but what can you do, right??

Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

Quinzañero/ Nelly's birthday

On the weekend I went to my first quinza#ero. When a girl turns 15 in Peru they usually have a really big party. I went with two of my friends. It was a little boring, because I didn't know anybody (not even the girl who's party is was :)) but when i got back to the house there was a birthday party from my sister Nelly, who turned 20, so I hung out with her and her friends, which was really fun.