Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Getting ready for / the trip

Doreen (Belgium) and IThe sunrise in LimaIt was cold, so i slept in my sleeping bagLisa and ILene (Germany) dancing a typical peruvian danceHannes (Belgium) playing a peruvian instrumentgroup pictureThe AFS chiclayo peopleCarolina (AFS PIURA volunteer/ my friend) and IThe AFS Piura peopleGonzalo, my big brother, love yoU!!the fountain park in Lima, where you can listen to Austrian music!! We were hungry!!!Inca or Coca Cola, that's a common question in PeruDiddi and I in the mountainsA discoteck in the mountains

Diddi holding a bottle of Pisco ( alcohol ),...and I

a peruvian center of town in the mountains
typical Peruvian cows
AFS people
me, tasting wine, which was quite delicious
Diddi (Austria) and Christian (Holand
playing a game....rock, paper, siccors,...

and if you loose you have to run.....
...or else be pulled...
...or carried to the other side, was FUN!!
made a fire and grilled marshmellows

me in my tent which I shared with Lisa and Naja

we presented AUSTRIA in a peruvian school in the mountains

Diddi was in her element =)
took pictures with cute school girls

pretty landscape!!

enchanted house,...didn't see any ghosts, but lots of white people...haha

a bridge, which moves a lot when you jump up and down on it
Diddi and I ate a tropical frute called Wanawana (??)
Some peole jumped intp the liver,...I just sat on a stone with my feet in the water
we ate really tasty food!
all of the AFS people minus the poor two people who had to take the same picture with at least 30 cameras =)

it's beautiful in the mountains of Peru
back in Lima, where it was freezing cold!!!
I am really excited and looking to my trip! This week I'm on vacation anyway because we're done with all of our exams (which I did quite good on!!), so on Monday I went to "Club Grau" with Maria, which is a club with 2 pools, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, ping pong tables, a gym and all kinds of sport equipment. It was really hot as usual, so we went for a swim, then ate a little Cebiche with her uncle who had come too. Then we went to buy some things I needed for my trip and then I went home. In the evening I went to the gym, as usual, and then walked home with my boyfriend. On Tuesday I spent over 3 hours washing all my clothes and hanging it up to dry. Then I went with Lisa, Steve and Naja to get our bus tickets, then went to convert some dollars into soles, came home, changed, and went straight to the gym. In the evening I stayed up until late folding clothes and checking what I am going to take with me on my trip. Today, Wednesday, I got up early, at 7, and helped my sister type a paper for the university. She tells me what she wants me to write and I write it, but I have to be honest, it's not easy, because my sister is a law stundent and there are just so many words that I don't know, which has nothing to do with my lack of knowing spanish, law is like a whole nother language!!
I went to the market with my aunt and bought a travel bag and some other things I needed. Then we went home, Maria came and we went to eat Cebiche and Chicharron with Ricardo, Jose and Gustavo, the birthday boy.
On Thursay I packed my bags, got ready, and left for the bus stop with Tefy. I got lucky and got to sit in the VIP section because one AFS person ended up stayiong in Piura for personal reasons. I sat next to Doreen, a girl from Belgium and Lisa and Naja sat behind us. We left at 4:45 p.m. on Thursay and got to Lima at 7:15 a.m. on Friday. It was a 14 and a half hour ride and although the VIP seats are really comfortable I could hardly sleep.

We waited for the AFS people from other cities like Chiclayo and then were brought to the monk school we stayed at when we first got to Lima in September.

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009


my friend Carlos, the birthday boy and I
one of my best friends Carlitos and I
Maria and my boyfriend Carlos
Maria and I

My brother Giampi, Maria and I

Maria and I eating Cebiche ( raw fish )
Maria's aunt Karina, Maria and I
Maria's uncle Alejandro, Maria and I + lemon pie =)
we ate cabrito!

On Friday we went to school for a mothers day show. Then on Saturday first Maria came to my house and we drank Piña Colada with my brother Giampi and his friend Gerson. I played the guitar and we all sang, which was really fun!! Then I went to a friends birthday party with my friends Maria, Carlos, and my boyfriend Carlos. =)

On Sunday ( mothersday) I was invited, by Maria's grandma, to have lunch at their house. The rest of my family went to Catacaos, and I went to Maria's house. She has a ginormous family, she lives with three families( aunts and uncles+ cousins ), her mom and brothers and her grandparents. We ate Cebiche, Cabrito and lemon pie. They drank beer, and I drank wine and we had a really good time, her family is awesome!!
I gave my Peruvian mom and aunt a little box of chocolates and a card each, and my mom in Austria, a phone call, which always makes her happy. =)