Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

Newest update on life

Lots of kids from our school performer in the theater on Thursady. The costumes were awesome, and so were the actors. Even the little ones, like 3-year-olds performed. =) The theater was in the evening, so we had the next day off.
After that I went to my friends house, and then we went to my friend Gianmarco's birthday party.

It was really fun!

Then on Saturday my friend Lisa (from Germany), her friends and I went to a thing called "almuerzo de ingeneria", which was hosted by the university. There are people of all ages there, and you basically just stand around, talk and meet new people,...and I met lots of new people, plus almost all the AFS kids were there =)

Then one time 2 of my friend came over to talk, play the guitar, sing and act like niños on the playground =)

to be continued, brother is kicking me off the computer, AGAIN!!....=)