Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

Vacation =)

Every school here has one week vacation around this time in October, but not all at the same time. I had last week off. I slept in every day and mostly just hung out at home. A couple of times some friends cam over and stayed for a while and I went to the center with AnaLu and Tefy like 3 times, which was really fun. We went clothes shopping and went to eat ice cream and all kinds of stuff. And one time we went to my friend Alba's house to watch a movie.

Another time AnaLu, Tefy and Alba cam to my house to watch a movie. We ordered some food and watched "PS. I love you". After the movie they stayed for a while to talk, sing, play the guitar and stuff. It was really fun!! =)

On Saturday there was an AFS meeting, because some new people had arrived. We all went to a restaurant. Steve ( Switerland) and Lisa (Germany), two good friends of mine and I had a lot to talk about and it was fun!!! Then Lisa and I went home with one of the AFS volunteers, Mery, who live really close to our homes. My family was out eating, so I went to Mery's house for a while. We talked and stuff,...she's really nice!

Then in the evening the AFS "crowd" went to Queens, the disco. I danced a lot and got to know lots of new awesome people. After Queens I slept at my friend AniLu's house. She's 19 and she was in America for a year, so she speaks really good English. Then my family got me the next day and we went to eat in restaurant. It was tasty!!

That's pretty much all I did on my vacation. =)