Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

It´s a LONG, trip

Daniel and I got up at 6 am. I took a quick shower, closed my suitcase again and carried it outside to the taxi that was already waiting for us. We were brought to the airport were an AFS volunteer was already waiting for us. Lucy came too and we checked in. Then we sat down and ate breakfast, said goodbye to Peru and got on the plane to Caracas, Venezuela. It was a 4 hour flight and I cried half of the time, because I couldn´t believe that I was really leaving the country I had been in for 10 months and that I loved a lot. Lucy and Dani made me calm down, but I just couldn´t help feel really sad. =(

In Caracas I bought some food in burger king, because I hadn´t been able to eat the airplane food. We checked in and were sitting in the plane hoping to take off soon, so we could then make our connecting flight to Vienna in Frankfurt when the pilot informed us that there had been some kind of problem with some passengers and that we would be taking off an hour and a half later than planned. So I started watching a movie called " 17 Again" and then finally we took off. I slept for about an hour on the plane. It was a new plane that had stairs that led down to the bathroom, which was awesome! Then about 11 hours later we landed in Frankfurt. We had missed our flight, so we went to change our tickets for a later flight, waited for not too long and then got on the plane to Vienna. It was only an hour flight and when we got to Viena Lucy spent about 15 minutes changing and putting on make-up in the bathroom, because she wanted to look pretty for the people who had come to see her. :) We quickly got our suitcases, then Daniel transferred some videos he had of me singing in Lima from his laptop onto my USB and then we walked outside into the "reception" hall. Mom spotted me before I had a chance to see her, ran up to me and hugged me and then Dad did. As we walked out of the airport I told my parents how weird it was to see so many white people with blond, brown and sometimes even red hair. Then we drove home and at 5:30 pm on Thursday we were finally in Graz.

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