Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Last weekend in Piura

On thursay I did something really crazy, then went to a friends house to work on a spanish presentation, which was really fun. So many things happened that day, I'm sure I will never forget.

On Friday I went to school, had a power point presentation in Spanish class and we had a little going-away party for me. We took lots of pictures, ate chips and cookies, danced and had a good time. My class gave me a shirt from school with all of their signatures on it and also a really big thing of roses and other flowers. I cried a little. :(

In the afternoon I went to the market and then to the center with Claudia, a friend of mine. In the evening we were all supposed to go the Steve's house before going to Queens (the disco), but there was no water in my house, so I had to fill containers with water and wash first my hair in the sink and then the rest of my body by pouring water in cup over myself. That took quite some time and when I was finished straightening my hair and getting ready it was already really late, so I went straight to Queens where Steve, Lisa and the rest of the AFS people were already waiting for us. I think I was one of the few people who didn't get drunk that night. I danced with a couple of friends, including Ricardo, whom I was looking after since Tefy was grounded for getting bad grades and didn't go to Queens. We went home a little after 4. It was a fun night.

On Saturday I got up early, cleaned the house, put baloons on the walls, decoraded the place and then got read. Carlos came to see me in the morning and we had a good talk. Around 3 my friends starting coming, Winnie, Ricardo and others. We sat in the living room and talked and ate and had a good time. In the evening we all went to a friends house, but went back home early.

On Sunday I spent the whole day packing my suitcase which was really frustrating becauase it weighed a lot more than 20 kilos, so i came some shirts and a sweater to Tefy which made things easier.

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